Play Club Penguin Games!

GameDock can work with the mobile version of Club Penguin giving you a chance to play arcade gaming on the go!

Play all CP Missions in High Def

Finding the hidden secret agent penguin items is easier when you can see the smallest pixels on the screen. Our output is in high def giving you the best gaming experience.

Play all the Classic Games!

Play more than just online games with our Gamedock. Now you can play all the favorites thanks to the full compatibility of all gaming systems now supported by both mobile phone and by common game apps. Yep, we're not just for club penguin players, you can play any of your favorites!

More Tips and Secrets!

Who said gaming had to be hard? Playing with our game cheats helps you beat complex levels and missions by watching and learning from other gamer's. This new 2016 feature is loaded completely for free into our game system! Check out Club Penguin Cheats & Secrets Here.

Play Online with Other Players

Connect to your TV or Smart Phone and play with other players. Feature now live on Model 28B-087. Previous models aren't compatible with streaming team play.

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