2 Players, 1 Device

GameDock allows for 2 players to play together using only 1 iPhone or iPad! Now that's social gaming!

HDMI Output

GameDock is designed to connect to HDTVs via an HDMI adapter for up to 1080p display. Mobile games have never looked so good!

Fantastic Games Library

GameDock has a large selection of dedicated games, which is growing by the day. Popular online Games such as Club Penguin (walkthrough) are available through the online game mode.

GameDock is compatible with most iCade games, too!

Dashboard App

With GameDock you get a beautiful Dashboard App that displays on both your device and your TV. Use it to find new games or launch your favorite titles.

Charges While Playing

GameDock plugs into the same USB adapter as your iDevice. It charges while you play for hours at a time, even while plugged into your TV!

Freedom via Bluetooth

TV far away from your couch? Then plug your phone into your TV and keep your GameDock by your side. Controls are sent wirelessly from the console to the phone via bluetooth.

Simple SDK for Developers

Developing for GameDock couldn't be easier. In literally minutes, your game can be GameDock-enabled.

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GameDock was successfully funded on Kickstarter! Read more.